well, hello....

i just read through all the comments from yesterday and took down lots of notes and cool ideas for future posts.... thank you for taking the time to make suggestions and for all the kind words. i know i have said this before, but i really believe i have the sweetest group of blog readers. it's a blessing. :) 
here are a few things that i want to answer/mention right away...
*the owl on my dresser from a recent post was actually a thrift store find and a gift to my sister from a friend.... wish i could give you a link, but it's one of a kind, i guess... :)
*the red hair dye is just home stuff... (Loreal Colour Rays). It's permanent, but it fades in a few weeks...
*you can see all my favorite Etsy shops that I have saved right here!
*and this isn't a real recipe... but it's still fun.... (can you tell i am itching for fall time?)
(gotta have to pumpkin seeds in there... yum!)
and a little bit of eye candy from my living room (currently the room i want to work in, for some reason....)
Have a great day! Elsie