grandpas rock.

oh my.....

tonight much scrapbooking will continue around here (fun!). tomorrow, hmmm...same thing.... i will share a few *peeks* of what is going on in the studio soon.

these are my dad's lovely flowers. let me just say, my dad *really* loves his flowers. so cute.

have a great night! e


a fun photo of emma and nothing on my to-do list today but scrapbooking, scrapbooking & more scrapbooking! :) have a good one! 


I am SOOOOOOOO in a scrapbooking groove again... Hallelujah! So happy. Scrapbooking Rocks!

ps. this photos is baby *gigi* my mama's pups. Emma thinks she looks like a baby seal in this shot. ha!

one more...

if you want to see more... look here. Happy Memorial Day!!!! :) Love, Elsie


yesterday we started working on my brother, doren's, senior photos. i can't believe he's not a little kid anymore.... when emma was looking through them with me she said, "weird... i guess he is sort of a man now." haha.

It was lots of fun... 

as promised...

more photos... my lovely little emma and a fun shot with my friend Sarah from our short but sweet time together yesterday.....

OK. back to work! :) lol. have a great Sunday! E

the busiest week of the busiest month...

...OF MY LIFE... that is what i have to look forward to this coming week.

I will be posting a *photo a day* just for fun (and b.c I feel stressed if i don't post everday... lol) and after this week from *you-know-where* is over, I will celebrate BIG time and try to be true to my many promises of being a better blogger... lol! Sound good?

Here is a photo of Liz from last Sunday. She is adorable.

Have a great Saturday! Elsie

My Favorite Things...

(inspired by Rachel)

1. watermelon.
2. sharing music.
3. shoes.

4. sushi.
6. my dad.

7. red polish.
8. Queen.
9. color photography.

11. flea markets.
12. decorating my home.

Have a great Friday! I have plans to clean, scrap (ummm. a LOT), design and hopefully take some fun photos over the weekend. Oh.. and if you like this fun little wall decal, you can find it here.

Wishing you the most delightful weekend. The weather is amazing here... enjoy it! Els

a little shopping trip....

i stopped in at my LSS yesterday to see the new stuff... SO COOL. We snapped a few fun photos... just wanted to share... more later! :)

Have a great day! Els


I just saw the new lines going up on 2peas! I feel SO giddy!!!

I have heard that it has been making its way to stores all over this week... I can't wait to see everyone playing! It's gonna be fun!

ps. anyone know any other cool online shops where the line is being sold?


can you help a girl out?

I have been lusting after this West Elm bed for probably a year or so... Well, it is sold out in queen now I need to find another bed. I definitely want a canopy bed b.c Rachel is going to make me some super cool curtains for it and such... Has anyone seen anything similar in queen size??

Thanks a million! E

ps. if you need some inspiration, read the comments from yesterday's post... SO many cool inspiration ideas, it is SUPER exciting to me!!!! You guys rock!

inspiration: something old

lately, i am inspired by oldschool stuff... vintage photos, fashion, home decor and music. There are SO many things to love! I have been a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe since I was in Jr. High. Her photos are so iconic and lovely. She was truly one of a kind and her stuff inspires me a lot. What is "something old" that inspires you?

just a bit of funny eye candy....

.....for your monday afternoon. :) i will be a "real blogger" again soon.... but for now i must get back to work.. lol!

enjoy! e

favorite things....

just some stuff that i am loving at the moment... happy saturday! i hope yours is relaxing and fun.... :) 

a few bits of randomness...

thank you for all your kind words today. truly.

on a **much** lighter note... i got a hair cut last night and requested some *hilary swank* bangs... lol... and while i cannot live up to her cuteness, i am super happy with them. it's almost summer (i like to change my hair with the seasons.. ha! nerdy.. i know).

also. something cool i picked up yesterday... a new magazine, "Ty Pennington AT HOME"! I am not much of a magazine buyer, and I especially am not much of a home decor magazine person... but this is SO cool and different! There is some seriously cool style in this magazine and I was super excited and inspired when i discovered it. I am impressed... here is one of my favorite rooms... check it out next time you are at the store...

Hm. It's friday night and I am chillin at home with Cocoa...a little scrapbooking, a little painting... the weekly test to see just how late i can stay up AND stay inspired.... lol. It's like a race against myself.... happy friday night! :) Els

ps. Emma graduated today. Congrats, Em. You are the coolest girl in my book!


This morning I found out that my favorite teacher from High School, Mrs. Errante, passed away this week. I went to a very small private school in my last few years of High School and she was my Home Ec teacher. She did the most amazing projects with us… We made fabric covered cook books, candles, heart shaped pizza, home d├ęcor, sewing books… we went to the apple orchard and the Bridal shop (yes, we totally did a “wedding planning” unit and got to try on dresses and take photos). She was the kind of teacher that always had students hanging out after class finishing up projects just for fun. She taught me the value of hand made gifts and home cooked meals. I can’t really explain to you how magical her classes were to me. Sometimes I still think about her when I go to a boutique with really yummy smelling candles or when I cook with apples or sew.
I had her phone number on my bulletin board for the past several months. I wanted to go see her and take some photos and give her a copy of my book. I am so sad that I let my busy schedule get in the way of something truly special like that. She was an amazing woman and I hope she knew how many lives she deeply affected. I will never forget her or the things she taught me. I think I am going to make an apple pie this weekend just because I miss her.
If you have someone in your life that you have been meaning to talk to, please learn from my mistake. Call them today.


where has the time gone?

O M G! this week/month/year is FLYING by! wow. Am I the only one feeling this way?

I have been working 24/7 on my next book and new Love, Elsie products and it is still going to be several weeks before I "see the light" and/or get out of the house for more than "food & water"... lol! But it's good. It is a super fun process and I don't mind working till 4 in the morning when it is on something that makes my heart feel full. :) Thankful for that!

So... 2 new things in my world this week that are making me happy....

1. New paint in my bedroom! What do you think? This aqua is pretty intense, but I really love it! I think it is a good bedroom color, relaxing... but still lots of fun and it is only one wall... not the whole room. :) I am in love.

2. The New RV Project kit.... I can't wait to whip up this cute little apron and make this fun mini book! The fabrics are yummy. Emma brought me a kit over the other day and I was so excited! Rachchooses such cool and original stuff.. I love it!

hmmmm... what else is new??
Emma is graduating from MSU tomorrow with a degree in Philosophy. wow...I am about to do Doren's senior photos sometime this month... I can't believe it! My *baby* brother!
Some things that are inspiring me as of late....
Mariah's photos... this photo... my friend katie's new photos.... Lisa (i NEED one of her paintings... she ROCKS!)...Lara (SO super amazing!)... Hmmmm... what else? I am still really loving myspace andetsy. this shop rocks and so does this one.... and of course, i am always a lover of rachel's stuff...

Ok... have a super great Thursday! Love and Hugs for everyone! Els

fun and games...

i love random little games like this! Click the link that says "get your own visual dna" and give it a try..... it's fun!

have a great wednesday! :) Elsie

Hannah Joel!

You rock. You win. Emma loves your photos! :)

Send me your addy ( and we will send you some of the new goods!

Omg.. there were SO many cool photos! :) You guys inspire me! So much fun.

ok... need to do some late night creating... more soon! E

self portrait challenge....

i thought it would be fun to give a little challenge today (in honor of the fact that the new *Love, Elsie* lines are shipping this week!!!!! YAY!)....
Here is your challenge.... take a fun, funny, silly or serious self portrait (whatever you are in the mood for....), post it on your blog (or somewhere online), link it here in the comment section. :) Tonight Emma (my cute sister) will pick her favorite (I can't judge things, it's just against my nature, lol!) and we will send you these yummy little goodies ASAP! Sound fun???

Ok... get your cameras... be creative... try something new... ENJOY!

love, elsie


so I am *still* loving the pirate goodies. So many cool trends this season. Lots of long earrings. Tons of bright colors. And let's just say I am definitely collecting my fair share of wedge heels.

What are you into lately? What is your favorite new (or not so new...) trend?

hey! i am taking some time off for the weekend to get a TON of stuff done. As it turns out, May is indeed the busiest month of my life on earth so far! lol! So much to do... so little time... talk to you monday!!! :) xxx, Elsie

ps.. here are a few new photos.. just for fun...

new music to love...

so i haven't done a music post in a while.... lately I am really into the new Bright Eyes album (look up the songs "Classic Cars" and "Cleanse Song"....) and Plain White T's ("Hey There Delilah")...

"A thousand miles seems pretty far
But they've got planes and trains and cars
I'd walk to you if I had no other way
Our friends would all make fun of us
and we'll just laugh along because we know
That none of them have felt this way"


What is making your ears happy today?

happy monday! Els


wow. :) So many sweet people! Hope you *all* had a fabulous NSD! :) It is almost midnight here, but I know I still want to do a few more layouts tonight! lol!

Here are the lucky winners...

1. Sheetal from Cambridge, MA

2. Hailey from Seattle, WA

3. Stacey From Larne, N.Ireland

4. Kayla from Forth, Australia

5. Betsy from Elkhart, IN

6. Robin from Matthews, NC

e-mail me at

Have a great night!!!! Love, Elsie

Happy Happy Happy NSD! :)

Yay! I love this day b.c it is a time to celebrate a hobby that has changed my life in so many ways! :)

I am giving away one of each of my new *Love,Elsie* chipboard albums today. Just sign you name and the city you are from in the comments section and I will randomly choose 6 names tonight and I will be sending them out on monday with a few extra goodies! (open to everyone in the whole wide world!!!!)

I am also doing a little something here....

Happy National Scrapbook Day!
Love, Elsie

i love you...

and you. and you. and you! :)

just a fun pic from our little utah adventure this week... now I am home scrapping my "you*know*what" off... working all day.. all night and LOVING IT! :)

Tomorrow is NSD. I will be doing some sort of fun little give away on here (and no, I have not forgotten that I STILL have 2 questions to answer from my Q&A sesssion that I have been putting off! :)) and I will be popping in and out on the CK message board as well.... :)

Have a great day!!! tgif! If you live in Springfield, you better be downtown for art walk tonight! It is going to be a good one, I can feel it!!!! :)


i love amber.

this girl is beautiful. Em and I hung out with her yesterday. SO much fun. She is an amazing friend and also one of my favorite artists.

I love you, Amber. You are a pretty pretty soul.

Come see!!!

I have a fun challenge up today on the CK website! Come join in the fun! :) Also I will be chatting it up a bit on and off today on their message board! :)You can see a closer up version of my layout here. So much fun! Happy Tuesday to you!

awe! :) RV kit club...

I am so excited for my 2 best friends Rachel and Emma. They are starting their own kit club for Red Velvet! And lucky for me, I get free kits (ETA... I get a free kit from Emma and Rachel.. I do NOT use free stuff I recieve to make the kits, lol. I don't even make the kits... I just play with them for fun!) Yay! So here are a few little goodies I made this week with their first kit... so much fun! Here is the link to the all the info you need...