This morning I found out that my favorite teacher from High School, Mrs. Errante, passed away this week. I went to a very small private school in my last few years of High School and she was my Home Ec teacher. She did the most amazing projects with us… We made fabric covered cook books, candles, heart shaped pizza, home d├ęcor, sewing books… we went to the apple orchard and the Bridal shop (yes, we totally did a “wedding planning” unit and got to try on dresses and take photos). She was the kind of teacher that always had students hanging out after class finishing up projects just for fun. She taught me the value of hand made gifts and home cooked meals. I can’t really explain to you how magical her classes were to me. Sometimes I still think about her when I go to a boutique with really yummy smelling candles or when I cook with apples or sew.
I had her phone number on my bulletin board for the past several months. I wanted to go see her and take some photos and give her a copy of my book. I am so sad that I let my busy schedule get in the way of something truly special like that. She was an amazing woman and I hope she knew how many lives she deeply affected. I will never forget her or the things she taught me. I think I am going to make an apple pie this weekend just because I miss her.
If you have someone in your life that you have been meaning to talk to, please learn from my mistake. Call them today.


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