a few bits of randomness...

thank you for all your kind words today. truly.

on a **much** lighter note... i got a hair cut last night and requested some *hilary swank* bangs... lol... and while i cannot live up to her cuteness, i am super happy with them. it's almost summer (i like to change my hair with the seasons.. ha! nerdy.. i know).

also. something cool i picked up yesterday... a new magazine, "Ty Pennington AT HOME"! I am not much of a magazine buyer, and I especially am not much of a home decor magazine person... but this is SO cool and different! There is some seriously cool style in this magazine and I was super excited and inspired when i discovered it. I am impressed... here is one of my favorite rooms... check it out next time you are at the store...

Hm. It's friday night and I am chillin at home with Cocoa...a little scrapbooking, a little painting... the weekly test to see just how late i can stay up AND stay inspired.... lol. It's like a race against myself.... happy friday night! :) Els

ps. Emma graduated today. Congrats, Em. You are the coolest girl in my book!

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