where has the time gone?

O M G! this week/month/year is FLYING by! wow. Am I the only one feeling this way?

I have been working 24/7 on my next book and new Love, Elsie products and it is still going to be several weeks before I "see the light" and/or get out of the house for more than "food & water"... lol! But it's good. It is a super fun process and I don't mind working till 4 in the morning when it is on something that makes my heart feel full. :) Thankful for that!

So... 2 new things in my world this week that are making me happy....

1. New paint in my bedroom! What do you think? This aqua is pretty intense, but I really love it! I think it is a good bedroom color, relaxing... but still lots of fun and it is only one wall... not the whole room. :) I am in love.

2. The New RV Project kit.... I can't wait to whip up this cute little apron and make this fun mini book! The fabrics are yummy. Emma brought me a kit over the other day and I was so excited! Rachchooses such cool and original stuff.. I love it!

hmmmm... what else is new??
Emma is graduating from MSU tomorrow with a degree in Philosophy. wow...I am about to do Doren's senior photos sometime this month... I can't believe it! My *baby* brother!
Some things that are inspiring me as of late....
Mariah's photos... this photo... my friend katie's new photos.... Lisa (i NEED one of her paintings... she ROCKS!)...Lara (SO super amazing!)... Hmmmm... what else? I am still really loving myspace andetsy. this shop rocks and so does this one.... and of course, i am always a lover of rachel's stuff...

Ok... have a super great Thursday! Love and Hugs for everyone! Els

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