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Hi! Today was SO much fun! It was so cool to see people's reactions to the line, see friends and meet new people! :) Here are some fun pics of the product wall and our 50's style kitchen themed booth (look at shannon's cute apron!).
These wooden hangers were so much fun to create with the Roxie line and Lily's sweet photos... also a few detail shots... Betty rub-ons, a flower made from the Roxie patterned papers and epoxy and a Betty soft charm.
I also want to introduce my design team!
Kendra McCracken
Amber Skolnick
Candice Stringham
Rachel Denbow
Will share more photos of fun projects they created with our new products soon! :) These girls are so talented! Their projects inspire me so much. I can't wait until April, when the products arrive at your local stores, to see lots of different people with different styles working with the product! That is SO exciting!
Ok.. more soon! :) Have a great 

*Love, Elsie*

Today is the first day of CHA! I am so excited to share my new line, *Love, Elsie*! These are my first three collections; Roxie, Toby and Betty. I have so much to share this week...more details about my favorite new products, photos of our CHA booth and lots of cute projects using each new collection! I am so excited! So, without further ado....