i love weddings! :)

i am sooo excited and thankful bc our power is back on! :) probably seems silly but after a week away from home and pretty much not being able to work on most of the things on my to-do list this is HUGE! :)

so, i just wanted to make a quick post and share some photos from our sister-in-law (and new brother-in-law) James and Arianne's wedding. These make me really happy! I need to order a big one of TJ dancing with his grandma, Nelda. Lily was so cute in her flower girl dress. I love this one of Tom with the baskets of bubbles :) and I adore these pics of James and Arianne... their cake was so rad... TJ's aunt, Janet, makes the best cakes EVER (she did our too). The dancing pics crack me up too. TJ loves dancing (there is this one dance that Carlton did on Fresh Prince.. do you remember? to Tom Jones? everyone is always begging him to do it at family stuff. funny funny kid!). And Kyle got me this rad oldschool Michael Jackson dvd for christmas, so we are learning some rad moves... anyhow... it was one of the most fun weddings i have ever been to and these photos totally capture the fun! :) (these photos are all by Sesha, from Convey Studios, same girl that did our family photos... lovelovelove that girl so much!)

Hope your week was wonderful! :)

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