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basically... i am all out of new photos.. so here is an older one b.c the o.c.d in me won't allow me to post more than 2 sentences without having a photo! lol!

ok. i really really think i have early spring fever or something bc for the last few days... ok... weeks... ALL i want to do in my spare time is clean, organize and redecorate.... we have a pretty small apartment and to be honest i am not sure how i keep finding more to do... but i do.. and i LOVE it... how lame is that?

t.j. and i keep telling eachother we are gonna start house shopping... but there is something holding us back... for some reason these days we both have this feeling like maybe we won't be staying in springfield for that much longer? or maybe the time isn't right yet... i don't know... but for whatever reason both of us are totally unmotivated to pick up the phone, get online, even reading the little house magazines from the grocery store just isn't happening... a year ago this was my main dream and lately i am just not feeling it. weird.

lately i am really fascinated by the most random stuff... magnets on my fridge... making up new recipes (ok.. maybe they aren't actual recipes.. but more like "customizing" our food..haha!)... febreze...french manicures... alternating between peppermint and chamomile tea....

are you still awake? haha. have a good night! i gotta go clean! E

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