*Love, Elsie*

Today is the first day of CHA! I am so excited to share my new line, *Love, Elsie*! These are my first three collections; Roxie, Toby and Betty. I have so much to share this week...more details about my favorite new products, photos of our CHA booth and lots of cute projects using each new collection! I am so excited! So, without further ado....

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  1. wow! so I have a question for you...and I still can't figure out if this is the same Elsie that I get Bloglovin' from :) or if there are two Elsie's with Beautiful Mess?!
    Where did you go to get all of your product printed? I am doing NSS for the first time this year, and was looking to get some fun stickers and ribbon printed up?! If you have any info to share I would be oh-so-honored :)
    The stuff looks great!!!!