happy new year!

seems like this past year went by sooooo fast! it was a great year, amazing really... i am so excited about this coming year! last year i made a ton of goals... a TON... and i did *almost* all of them (the one about health food... i kind of gave up sometime in the summer while i was traveling a lot.. haha)... so this year, i decided to just focus on that same goal again... it's ok. it's a work in progress... and it's fun... it's kind of like a hobby.. i love learning about macrobiotics and health food and stuff.. i guess i am a super nerd in that way! :) lol! Anyhow... it feels good to know that some of my other goals i actually did! :) totally fun!

so.. new year... gotta get my blog looking cute again.. it is messed up (something weird from switching to beta i think?) but one of my genius friends is gonna help me get it all nice again this week! :)

the holidays were so great this year. one of my best holiday seasons ever, i think. :) so nice being home with the family...

here are a few silly pics from New Years eve with T's cute brother, Josh, and his g*friend, Mindy. We had a great time! Welcome to 2007! No flying cars yet, but oh well... :) still cool.

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