finally! :)

what a crazy week! TJ and I still do not have any power at our house, but we are staying at another place now (with internet! yay!) a whole week without internet and my studio was pretty weird... i edited every single photo on my laptop and got lots of other random stuff done.. but i can't wait to be home again.... with CHA in a week there is SO much to do!
Well here are a few of our new family photos (big thank yous to Sesha from Convey Studios) 155 beautiful images that i can't stop looking at over and over! :) Oh.. and here is my first (and probably last, at least for now) digi scrapbook page. I got a little adhd while i was snowed in... anyhow, it was fun... i have no idea about digi scrapbooking but it was fun to pretend, lol! hope you are all doing great and keeping warm! :)

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