there's no place like home...

...a few things that make me really happy! the pups... we are babysitting lovelove today and even though she is really naughty in true puppy style.. she is so sweet and beautiful. i loves her. my old girl scout sash (with a little extra bling) still wear it sometimes (lol) makes me smile... pez, who doesn't love pez?... my holiday cards... want to keep them forever...roos, best shoes in the world!... cute magnets...thanks to zina my jewelry is looking all cute (she gave me some rad ideas!)...t.j.'s tacky collection of fruit stickers on the side of the microwave... did i say tacky? i meant beautiful! haha!... my mom got me a hello kitty toaster for christmas... it toasts a little kitty shape on the bread. love it! some older paintings that emma and i did... i just recently found them and hung them up... stickers on our washing machine... these cute little valentines albums i spotted at Gordman's... a new B.J. purse and my new obsession... "pimped out" photo albums... b.c i totally felt the need to "catch up" more or less on my photo storage/scrapbooking... so i decided to do some regular albums embellished with names, dates and a journaling block here and there.. totally simple and cute. i did this one in one evening. fun. so anyhow... that is a little peek into elsieandtj-land today! :) Hope you are having a great day! if you have a blog you should take some pics of the things in your life that make you happy... i would love to see them! :) love, 

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