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Candice will be chatting tonight from 5-7 pm (PST) at Coordinates Collections.

I will be chatting Friday Morning from 9-9:30 am (CST) at the BHG Scrap-a-faire.

Come chat with us! Will be fun! :)

#1. favorite album

Here is the first question....
wendy bretz said...
Hey Elsie!
My Question is...
If you could pick ONE CD to listen to for the rest of your life....only ONE...what would it be? :)

Hi Wendy! :) My favorite album of all time is Joy Electric's, "The White Songbook". It is the most magical album I have ever heard and it holds a lot of connections to happy memories for T.J. and I. I love to listen to this one when I am painting or making art.

A few of my other top favorites....
Regina Spektor/Soviet Kitsch
No Doubt/Rock Steady
Ben Folds/ Rockin' the Suburbs
Arcade Fire/Funeral

(Wendy, e-mail me your mailing address and I will send you some fun goodies!)


So freaking adorable. my little brother, doren, has his first *real* girlfriend this year. They won the "cutest couple award" at school on valentines day. I think they are so sweet together. When they first started dating, last fall, he told emma and I that she reminded him of us. That is the cutest thing. I couldn't believe he said that. :) I hope, someday, my kids are as close as we are. I know it's super rare. I feel really lucky to be their sister. :)
Can't wait to scrapbook these photos! Gonna use the new *Roxie* line of course... :)

Gonna do my first Q&A/RAK tonight... stay tuned! :)

Hugs! E


hi! :) I had a fun idea this morning... I want to do a Q&A, but this time instead of answering all the questions, I will only choose 10 and I will do a whole post about each of those questions! I think this will be fun b.c I can go so much more in depth with each question! :) You can ask questions about anything (scrapbooking, my product line, photography, life... whatever!) I will choose 10 that are interesting and FUN to answer! If I choose your question, you will get a fun little goodie bag of local treasures (art supplies that are handpicked by me from local stores...). Sound FUN? Ask away. I will start monday! :)

ETA. I have read through the questions (yes... ALL of them) and picked some faves. :) It was fun and interesting reading what you guys are curious about. Thanks and good luck! :) els

so many minis!

this past year i have gotten more and more into mini books... when i first started scrapping i swore i would never stray from my 12x12 albums... HA!
i read somewhere that saying that you will never do something actually makes you more likely to one day do it. hmmmmmmm. Who knows? Anyhow... I am so glad that I did get into them because they are *refreshing*! I love finding new projects to play with and experimenting with new styles.... :)
hmm. let's see.. what else? new blog i am enjoying.
Emma is out of town this weekend in Memphis reading her philosophy paper at a conference. :) So proud. Also happy b.c that means lovelove is spending the night with us tonight! yay!

OMG. Look what I got in the mail yesterday! These are our self adhesive fabric papers. This was the only item we didn't have a sample for yet at CHA so I was SO GIDDY opening this box! Going to make a project with them this weekend! :) I did test them out to see if they can be punched through already, though... Yay! :) This is one of the products that I have been SO excited about b.c there are SO many ways to use it! :) Can't wait!

Happy Friday! :) E

Color, Music & Myspace :)

hello :) I just wanted to share a few things that are inspiring me today! This pink wall... WOW. I love it! I found it last week while I was going through all the home decor links you all left for me :) Can't remember where I found this image though.. if you know, let me know so I can link the site! :) ETA: the photo is from this site! :) Very cool!
I love the mix of letters and the color! I never would have thought to do a pink wall... so tempting... but i want EVERY color! dang! :)
Orange... this is one is from my house. I snapped this today after I randomly noticed the cute matching stuff in my bathroom :) fun. i love color!
OMG. Ingrid Michaelson. Such good music. Candice had been mentioning her to me for a few weeks so today I picked up her most recent album on itunes. WOW. YUM. I am in love. You need to listen :)
Decided to change my Myspace back to public today. I think that keeping it private was with good intentions, but it's just not for me. I wasn't saving any time at all and it was making me a bit sad... so if you are on myspace, let's be friends. ;)

Oh and one more photo.. just for giggles...


people i love and things that make me cry...

did some scrapping over the weekend about the boys in my life.
My dad. He is a very cool dad. Have you found in your scrapping experiences one person who is REALLY HARD to capture in words? My dad is that person for me. He is SO funny and quirky! I can never quite translate his personality and what I love about him onto a scrapbook page... but i will keep trying! :) He is so unique and sweet. I'm glad he's my dad :)
My husband. He makes me who I am and I can't believe how much we have been through already and how fast these 10 years since we met have passed! He is a good man. I feel really lucky that as we both evolve we continue to connect. It's good.
My brothers and father in law. They are some of my very best friends in the whole world. I can't do enough pages with their cute little faces! They are fun to hang out with. :)
My little brother (already posted the project I did for him...). He is the cutest little brother in the whole world! I am SO EXCITED to do his senior photos this summer! It is so weird and cool to see him growing up! He has his first real girlfriend this year and it is SO CUTE. Brings back a lot of memories. Love him. Love his cute songs he writes. Love his cute style.

Ok... and THIS made me cry today. Quite a few tears. :) I feel so lucky to be friends with this girl. You can only hope that you can find friends in life who you can really trust and who make you a better person. I look up to her so much. Feel so lucky.

Thank you, TJ...

...for being sweet today! :)

.sharing is caring.

happy monday! just thought it would be fun to share amber and I's lifts of eachother for the scrapjacked challenge.Just a fun little thing. I adore Amber.
Also I just posted something fun here. Had a very productive weekend. Some designing, some scrapping and a little bit of relaxing :) What did you do?

ETA. adding this CHA layout.... a few people commented on my 2peas gallery that they would like to see it closer.. so here it is :) a happy happy memory! 

*fun little project*

I wanted to share a fun little project today! :) To make this mini portfolio, You need to print 15-20 layouts in wallet size (or if you do 12x12 something comparable to wallet size). I've found it is better for this particular project to use all 12x12 OR all 8.5x11s. Then just handstitch a felt pouch to fit (I just use regular embroidery thread). Embellish it with buttons, flowers, chipboard or metal embellishments. These make cool gifts for family members! :) Have a good sunday! Els


so Emma and I were sorting receipts for tax stuff this morning and we got a little bit distracted and so we made *LoveLove* a crown from a Starbucks cup holder! :) lol! ok.. back to work! ha!


i am hanging out with my step mom, Robin, all day and getting family photos printed! Ever since CHA (i used up a lot of my good photos for booth projects) I have been DYING to get photos printed, but who has the time? I love Sam's Club because you can get 8x12 prints for $1.99. Heaven. I think I just love BIG photos... I know 4x6s are more practical, but big photos are for sure my first love! :) I can't wait to scrap these family photos.
Lately, I am on a huge organizing kick. HUGE. I think it is bc. i know in the back of my mind that we will most likely be moving this year, so I want to have everthing in order. Or, maybe it is Spring Fever? Either way, I am just glad I am getting some things done! :)
Have a great friday!

*it is love*

very long to-do list today... will blog tonight :) Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for all the cool home decor links! :) I am saving them all up in a bookmarks folder! You guys have good taste! :)

collecting ideas...

well, it looks like house shopping is finally in our near future... i have been collecting fun/unique decor ideas. if you have any cool links to inspiring home decor, please share! :) more soon.. els


here are a few more random photos from my scraproom and a new pretty one of my mom. :) She is the best! I am getting distracted by wanting SO BAD to take photos today... ok.. back to work :)

rainy days are made for scrapping!

so i don't know what the weather is like where you live, but today it is *rainy* here.. . but since my schedule today is all about scrapping it is *perfect*!
Here are a few detail shots of some layouts I recentlyposted.
Also, some pics of my recent obsession.. shoe shopping. :) gonna do a page about it eventully... just taking pics as i go along...
I am also getting really OCD in the head and thinking that i *need* to take all my albums apart and redo them in these beauties. i love felt. lovelovelovelove it!

ok.. maybe i will share a few more layouts later on tonight...i have some new ones. Can i just say that scrapping *just for fun* is the BEST EVER!

So, who else is excited about the *best holiday ever* this week??? I can't wait!

ETA. Crocs are from Dillards, Zebra flats are from Hot Topic, Denim flats are from Payless, and the little skull things (dont know what they are called... the things that pop in to the crocs, are from Hallmark) Saw a lot of questions in the comments... :)

New e-mail addy...


tgif :)

hi! :) just wanted to share a few things today. This layout is making me smile...Emma andLoveLove are here today working/playing with me. Oooh. and check out these rad flowers TJ got... they remind me of Tim Burton (one of my very favorite artists ever! so brilliant!)

Well, it's friday (friday's are always busy) so Em and I are gonna get a lot done and HOPEFULLY tonight (T is at work) I will be home finally just scrapping away with the new *Love, Elsie* goodies that have been staring me in the face all week! :) lol!

Happy friday to you! Els

music we love...

here are a few bands that are making us happy this week (linking you to myspace b.c it is easier to listen to several songs from each band quickly...) hope there is something here you haven't tried before...


arcade fire 

shiny toy guns

joy electric 

the brothers martin 


imogen heap

ok go

sigur ros 



larrikin love 

someone still loves you, boris yeltsin 

enjoy! and please feel free to share bands you love with us... always in the market for some new bands to love :) goodnight!

just for fun....

Hope you enjoy them :) E

2 posts in one day? OH MY!

just wanted to post a second time to link this*awesome*blog... such a cool concept. I love it!

also... we did a fun valentine's card swap at the RV*Blog. just posted my cards there! That was fun.

Ok.. back to scrapping and drawing... will share some sketches tonight (i got a few e-mails after that video went up from people wanting to see pics of the sketches, that is a fun idea!) and cool music soon...

ps. almost forgot... my favorite movie of 2006, The Science of Sleep, came out on DVD today! if you like quirky indie films, it is a must see! :)

random, happy, pretty and cheesy!

hihi! first of all, i wanted to share one small reason why i love my husband! He always makes me a smoothie every morning. I love it. Sometimes he has early classes and he still makes me one and leaves it in the fridge for later... love that. totally random, but makes me totally happy! :)

so recently, i am totally in love with posting layouts on 2peas again! That is because i am also now *finally* getting back into the groove of just scrapping *FOR FUN*! I guess everybody needs a little break sometimes, or things come in waves... but what I have really been wanting more than anything is to feel that feeling again (shannon and I were talking about this at CHA) where you just cannot wait to scrapbook all night! That is one of the best feelings in the world! I am so excited to revisit that emotion and be scrapping for (gasp!) a hobby lately! :) fun!
My other favorite hobby, buying itunes, has also been a little bit out of control lately... so, very very soon, i need to sit down and share all the new music that is making me the happiest girl in the world! :) Some new, some old school, some highly recommended by my cute blogging friends ;)

ok... last, but not least... one of the videos i filmed at CHA is up... click here to see! I will be honest and say that this stuff embarrasses me to death. When i was little i wanted to be an actress (lol) but let's just say that i am glad i took another path because being in front of the camera is Noooooot my thing... but oh well! It was lots of fun and I hope you enjoy a little extra preview at the new goodies!
ok.. lots to do today! I hope you have a wonderful tuesday!

ps... last night was our date night... sushi and starbucks (of course)... and i just wanted to say that if you live in Springfield you have got to try to *Punk'd Roll* and the *Da Roll* from Umi.. they are so yummy!