rainy days are made for scrapping!

so i don't know what the weather is like where you live, but today it is *rainy* here.. . but since my schedule today is all about scrapping it is *perfect*!
Here are a few detail shots of some layouts I recentlyposted.
Also, some pics of my recent obsession.. shoe shopping. :) gonna do a page about it eventully... just taking pics as i go along...
I am also getting really OCD in the head and thinking that i *need* to take all my albums apart and redo them in these beauties. i love felt. lovelovelovelove it!

ok.. maybe i will share a few more layouts later on tonight...i have some new ones. Can i just say that scrapping *just for fun* is the BEST EVER!

So, who else is excited about the *best holiday ever* this week??? I can't wait!

ETA. Crocs are from Dillards, Zebra flats are from Hot Topic, Denim flats are from Payless, and the little skull things (dont know what they are called... the things that pop in to the crocs, are from Hallmark) Saw a lot of questions in the comments... :)

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