i am hanging out with my step mom, Robin, all day and getting family photos printed! Ever since CHA (i used up a lot of my good photos for booth projects) I have been DYING to get photos printed, but who has the time? I love Sam's Club because you can get 8x12 prints for $1.99. Heaven. I think I just love BIG photos... I know 4x6s are more practical, but big photos are for sure my first love! :) I can't wait to scrap these family photos.
Lately, I am on a huge organizing kick. HUGE. I think it is bc. i know in the back of my mind that we will most likely be moving this year, so I want to have everthing in order. Or, maybe it is Spring Fever? Either way, I am just glad I am getting some things done! :)
Have a great friday!

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