random, happy, pretty and cheesy!

hihi! first of all, i wanted to share one small reason why i love my husband! He always makes me a smoothie every morning. I love it. Sometimes he has early classes and he still makes me one and leaves it in the fridge for later... love that. totally random, but makes me totally happy! :)

so recently, i am totally in love with posting layouts on 2peas again! That is because i am also now *finally* getting back into the groove of just scrapping *FOR FUN*! I guess everybody needs a little break sometimes, or things come in waves... but what I have really been wanting more than anything is to feel that feeling again (shannon and I were talking about this at CHA) where you just cannot wait to scrapbook all night! That is one of the best feelings in the world! I am so excited to revisit that emotion and be scrapping for (gasp!) a hobby lately! :) fun!
My other favorite hobby, buying itunes, has also been a little bit out of control lately... so, very very soon, i need to sit down and share all the new music that is making me the happiest girl in the world! :) Some new, some old school, some highly recommended by my cute blogging friends ;)

ok... last, but not least... one of the videos i filmed at CHA is up... click here to see! I will be honest and say that this stuff embarrasses me to death. When i was little i wanted to be an actress (lol) but let's just say that i am glad i took another path because being in front of the camera is Noooooot my thing... but oh well! It was lots of fun and I hope you enjoy a little extra preview at the new goodies!
ok.. lots to do today! I hope you have a wonderful tuesday!

ps... last night was our date night... sushi and starbucks (of course)... and i just wanted to say that if you live in Springfield you have got to try to *Punk'd Roll* and the *Da Roll* from Umi.. they are so yummy!

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