so many minis!

this past year i have gotten more and more into mini books... when i first started scrapping i swore i would never stray from my 12x12 albums... HA!
i read somewhere that saying that you will never do something actually makes you more likely to one day do it. hmmmmmmm. Who knows? Anyhow... I am so glad that I did get into them because they are *refreshing*! I love finding new projects to play with and experimenting with new styles.... :)
hmm. let's see.. what else? new blog i am enjoying.
Emma is out of town this weekend in Memphis reading her philosophy paper at a conference. :) So proud. Also happy b.c that means lovelove is spending the night with us tonight! yay!

OMG. Look what I got in the mail yesterday! These are our self adhesive fabric papers. This was the only item we didn't have a sample for yet at CHA so I was SO GIDDY opening this box! Going to make a project with them this weekend! :) I did test them out to see if they can be punched through already, though... Yay! :) This is one of the products that I have been SO excited about b.c there are SO many ways to use it! :) Can't wait!

Happy Friday! :) E


  1. hi,
    how did you cut that hole?
    I'd like to cut holes in silk, and I don't know how. pls help. :)

  2. I was wondering the same thing. What's the tool you are using to cut the hole? thanx :)