people i love and things that make me cry...

did some scrapping over the weekend about the boys in my life.
My dad. He is a very cool dad. Have you found in your scrapping experiences one person who is REALLY HARD to capture in words? My dad is that person for me. He is SO funny and quirky! I can never quite translate his personality and what I love about him onto a scrapbook page... but i will keep trying! :) He is so unique and sweet. I'm glad he's my dad :)
My husband. He makes me who I am and I can't believe how much we have been through already and how fast these 10 years since we met have passed! He is a good man. I feel really lucky that as we both evolve we continue to connect. It's good.
My brothers and father in law. They are some of my very best friends in the whole world. I can't do enough pages with their cute little faces! They are fun to hang out with. :)
My little brother (already posted the project I did for him...). He is the cutest little brother in the whole world! I am SO EXCITED to do his senior photos this summer! It is so weird and cool to see him growing up! He has his first real girlfriend this year and it is SO CUTE. Brings back a lot of memories. Love him. Love his cute songs he writes. Love his cute style.

Ok... and THIS made me cry today. Quite a few tears. :) I feel so lucky to be friends with this girl. You can only hope that you can find friends in life who you can really trust and who make you a better person. I look up to her so much. Feel so lucky.

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