Color, Music & Myspace :)

hello :) I just wanted to share a few things that are inspiring me today! This pink wall... WOW. I love it! I found it last week while I was going through all the home decor links you all left for me :) Can't remember where I found this image though.. if you know, let me know so I can link the site! :) ETA: the photo is from this site! :) Very cool!
I love the mix of letters and the color! I never would have thought to do a pink wall... so tempting... but i want EVERY color! dang! :)
Orange... this is one is from my house. I snapped this today after I randomly noticed the cute matching stuff in my bathroom :) fun. i love color!
OMG. Ingrid Michaelson. Such good music. Candice had been mentioning her to me for a few weeks so today I picked up her most recent album on itunes. WOW. YUM. I am in love. You need to listen :)
Decided to change my Myspace back to public today. I think that keeping it private was with good intentions, but it's just not for me. I wasn't saving any time at all and it was making me a bit sad... so if you are on myspace, let's be friends. ;)

Oh and one more photo.. just for giggles...


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