hi! :) I had a fun idea this morning... I want to do a Q&A, but this time instead of answering all the questions, I will only choose 10 and I will do a whole post about each of those questions! I think this will be fun b.c I can go so much more in depth with each question! :) You can ask questions about anything (scrapbooking, my product line, photography, life... whatever!) I will choose 10 that are interesting and FUN to answer! If I choose your question, you will get a fun little goodie bag of local treasures (art supplies that are handpicked by me from local stores...). Sound FUN? Ask away. I will start monday! :)

ETA. I have read through the questions (yes... ALL of them) and picked some faves. :) It was fun and interesting reading what you guys are curious about. Thanks and good luck! :) els

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