emma, dream girls and new toys...

emma's party was so fun, last night, and after we went to see Dream Girls. I loved it *so* much (i guess it's one of those movies that is not for everybody... but i am pretty ok with watching musicals (raised in Mary Poppins and The Wizard of Oz) and i looooove cool costumes and Beyonce, so to me it was amazing!
oh.. and here our my new little "collection" of toys... we decided that since we have a lot of kiddos at our house lately (all little girls, actually) we are making a little toy stash. I realized my house wasn't all that kid friendly over the holidays when the kids only wanted to play with ONE thing... our magnets! lol.... also i got some new dvds for the little queens... i get really excited about this kind of stuff... i want to be a *cool* aunt really bad... haha!
Well, my to-do list is jam packed this week as i am leaving for CHA on thurdsay... so LOTS to do... but i will still try to post every day... Lately, I have been scrapping a lot again (i guess during all the traveling last year i kind of got out of the habit of scrapping every day and needed a bit of a break....) been making lots and lots of goodies for the magazine and some just for fun.... will share 

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