random, fun and very uncool...

i guess you could say that T and I are pretty skilled at finding nerdy/fun ways to entertain ourselves. we took a bunch of silly photos last night in the car while we were out christmas shopping (almost done!!! yessssss!) i love these pics becuase they show a lot of personality and i feel sometimes like i have way too many perfect looking photos.. i want my kids to look at our scrapbooks and see that we were just normal people. i never want them to think we were shiny and pretty every day..haha.. so these will be some fun to scrap.

i am really inspired to scrapbook lately... lots of ideas in the brain... wanting to do some mini books with song lyrics and movie quotes and some kind of project with poloroid photos and some kind of really really HUGE book :)

so.. what's up? how you doing? are you starting to feel 

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