#9. "brain candy"

Can you believe it.... I am FINALLY going to finish my Q&A! :) 2 more to go... here is the first...


jewels said...
Sweet! Hi Elsie! Ok, I've got a question for you...

What is your favorite *brain candy*? 

We all have favorite things we do and read and watch to inspire us, make ourselves smarter, more creative, etc. But sometimes we like to do stuff just because it's fun! (for example- I love sci-fi/ fantasy fiction! It's what I call my "dessert reading".)
11:18 AM

Hi girl! This is a fun question. I like to have a few fun things going on all the time… that does really help me be more creative and enjoy the process. My main guilty pleasure is music…. If I am really stressed with a deadline I pretty much always buy some itunes, so that is fun. Music is a great way to influence moods and creative direction…
Some recent stuff that I am loving is…
Of Montreal
Imogen Heap
Death Cab
And **this song** (don’t make fun!)

The other thing that really helps me chill out and enjoy my “work” is having another hobby. I know… it sounds like it would add stress, but I love it. It gives me another creative outlet so I can get my mind off certain projects for a bit each day and that helps me stay fresh. Right now, I am really into photography… just trying to learn some new stuff and experiment with ideas. On flickr, I joined the 365 group (taking one self portrait each day for a YEAR!) and it has been a fun little daily challenge for me. I enjoy.) You can join anytime, if you are interested!You can see my stuff so far, here.

So, yep… that is what I do for creative fun. Thanks for your question. E-mail me with your addy and I will get you some goodies!


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