Baby, It's Cold Outside...

so we had our first big snow around here... cocoa is pretty excited about it and wants to play in it all the CUTE! Tj took this rad photo of me (he is all about the crazy cropping and i LOOOVE it) it reminds me of this photo of my mom from the 70s.. trying to find that...

so i am just chillin at home working on my line (getting so close to being done with the winter release! i am so excited! can't wait for CHA in January (plus it will be fun to go somewhere sunny and warm for a couple!) Also I have been scrapbooking a little bit in between and drinking some orange spice tea. Nice. Cozy. Working from home is freaking cool.

Ok... several people were asking about the song from the trailer I shared yesterday.. it is "When Morning Comes" by: Jeremy Larson. He is from Springfield (see! I knew there was more talent in good ole Springfield than just Brad Pitt! :) Next time he does a show I am soooo there. Cool stuff. I get so freaking excited finding 

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  1. I have started reading through your old posts, Elsie, and just had to comment on this one! Jeremy Larson! I love that about love... that it starts from the most random things, and grows into something incredibly beautiful.

    You have come so far with your blog, your style, and your life. Congratulations :)