random saturday stuff....

hi! i wanted to share this layout that i did (a "just for fun" layout..yay!) a few weeks ago... Makes me smile because this is my favorite photo with my mom from when I was a baby. I want to get more into scrapping old photos this year. So many cool ones... so much history.

oh.. and here is my "photos-that-need-to-be-scrapped" box... it is one of those big cropper hopper boxes (pretty sure it holds 2000) and you can see how it is totally full and overflowing... the funny thing is that this isn't all my photos, this is only the recent ones! Like last 2 years... eeeek! but I am just ambitious (or maybe pshycotic) enough to believe that there is some chance I can actually scrapbook most of these photos... but like TJ was saying, I HAVE to learn to put more photos on a page if that is gonna happen (not that I wont still do some one photo layouts too...haha) so I have been experimenting and sketching out ideas for more photos (but still doing it with my own vibe). Fun challenge! :)

Ok.. I have had a TON of e-mails and comments about how to use these photo frames... honestly, digi scrapping is *nooooot* my thing and I know very very little about it... but I do know that in all Rhonna's frames she includes a tutorial! So that is cool! hope that helps!

a few random thoughts for this saturday afternoon...

*SO glad i am not at the mall today.. haha!
*3 days until the new Gwen Stefani release :)
*need to figure out what I am getting (or making) our grandmas for christmas.
*Trying to think of something special to surprise T.J. with for our 5th anniversary in a few weeks...

Have a great Saturday! I am back to work now... and going to TJs work christmas party tonight (cannot believe it is already that time of year! whoa!) Els

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