it's a monday.

first of all, just want to say thank you for all your kind words. i do read every single comment and they mean a lot to me. :) thank you.
well, it's monday! just wanted to share some random inspiration from my life today....
these candles now live in my home. love them!
this painting... my friend, zack, was over a few weeks ago and i gave him a canvas and some paint (half joking) and he made me this freaking ADORABLE monster painting. who knew?? i love it.
aqua green is officially ruling my world...
i finished a new painting over the weekend...
and i had some new photos taken by emergent photography (a.k.a. my friend, willard)....
you can see more here or here or here.
hope everyone has had a wonderful monday.... I am going to do *Love, Elsie* giveaways here this week... so stay "tuned".
oh, and speaking of goodies.... attn. Amy Marner! I need your addy again! Emma and I realized today that we sent you the wrong goodies... so guess what? you get 2! :) e-mail me!
:) elsie   

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