so a few people have tagged me.... i get to post 7 random things about me... anyone who wants to play, count yourself tagged by me! :)

1. i watched *Rushmore* tonight. Pretty much in love with that movie and also with jason schwartzman. :)
2. easiest way to win my heart=sharing new cool music (thanks Rachel for the cool cd!).
3. i love square gum. LOOOOOVE it.
4. my favorite places are india, utah and california... and missouri, of course, no place like home.
5. old photos, vintage clothes, record players and poloroid cameras make me smile. :)
6. I love to paint... recently i have been painting on my walls a little bit... (will share some photos soon)
7. I don't sleep enough (obviously). haha...

Goodnight! Happy 4th!!!!!!

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