#8. What's not to love?

moody girl said...
Recently I checked out Haruno b/c of your recommendation. We had a great time and it was so good. BTW, did you know that Haruno means Springfield in Japanese? (My husband is learning Japanese.) So my question is...
List your top 10 places in Springfield. Places to eat, shop, and take photos, whatever.

Awe! I looooove this one! I know deep down that there are tons of towns just as special as our town, lol... but it means a lot to me. It just has a special piece of my heart forever and ever. I like to celebrate it.

Ok… 10 places I love in no particular order...

1. The Mudhouse
Best Chai. No contest. :)

2. Randy Bacon Studio 
So inspiring. I love his work and his shows are always very inviting.

3. Good Girl Art
So colorful and kitsch... I love the mood of this boutique. Very fun.

4. The Silver Gypsy
Cool boutique shopping.

5. Haruno
Favorite sushi.

6. Convey Studios 
They pretty much rock. So much personality and charm.

7. Mille’s CafĂ©

8. Ritter Springs Park
So great for taking walks with cute puppies!

9. Phorm
cool cool cool home stuff. I love this store.

10. The Moxie 
Love some Indie films?? I do.

Ok... so I know I promised to finish this weekend...ooops! Only 2 more after this! :)
Hope you all had a fab weekend! :) loves!

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