yay for free concerts that are A*MAZING!

so tonight, emma and went to seeJeremy Larson at the Gillioz(it looks SO cool and pretty there, by the way...I am super excited about it being open again!). It was such a freaking amazing show. Super refreshing. It was one of those rare golden moments for me...it was really inspiring! I feel like I want to make a ton of paintings now. So good. Go to Jeremy's myspace and listen to every single one of his songs. So pretty.

Also... I got these Tim Biskupbooks yesterday... the way he uses color and shape is so inspiring and beautiful. Plus his daughter is named Tigerlily... so pretty much he is cool in my book ;)

Also... if you are in the mood to see some cute ugly dolls check out the RV*blog we had a fun contest over the weekend... totally love some ugly dolls.

Hmmmmm... that's all I've got tonight...
have a good day! Elsie

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