wow. just wanted to say *THANK YOU* for all the sweet comments about the new book. I am super excited! :) Tonight I am staying home and scrapbooking all night. I can't even remember the last time I did that (well... unless you count before CHA... HAHA..) Will be lots of fun. I just got a new home printer. I am totally NOT used to it yet, so I need to really break it in tonight! :) It is the Epson 1800.. if you have this printer let me know if you have suggestions on paper ect....that would be great!

Also... lots of new stuff posted in my Etsy Shop today. Emma has been making some REALLY COOL guitar pick earrings for the shop and I have some new paintings and dolls... we stayed up late last night sewing and watching Xmen 2... :) haha... so we are a little nerdy.. that is ok. Proud of it!

Have a wonderful friday!!! :) Elsie

ps... the yummy felt letters from the first photo are brand new from KI! :)

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