wednesdays are good.

...right here in the middle of the week... time to have a little "mid*week*crisis* and get a lot done... haha. I love it. things have been super productive in my little studio this week... cooking up some new love for *Love,Elsie* and dreaming up some new projects I want to try just for fun.... my friend, Christie, is coming over tonight for a scrapbook night... I am ready for some good old*school girl time! Will take photos, even though my studio is in messy's a beautiful mess! :)

Oh.. ps... have you seen what Rachel just posted on the RV blog... holey moley... i REALLY want to make these!!!! :) i am in love!

Pss... this pretty orchid is my dad's.. it is his new hobby and i think it is BEAUTIFUL! go dad!

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