turns out this is the busiest week I have had so far this year... OMG... writing a book, developing a class, some designing work, a few random deadlines, e-mails piled high and a house that seriously needs a clean sweep..... WOW. Don't get me wrong.... I LOVE being busy. I love deadlines and i love a moderate amount of stress (the kind that helps your productivity and doesn't impair it.. haha!)... But let's just say that this week is a little bit above average. Just a bit.

I will be back next week with more *in depth* blogging... but for the rest of this CRAZY*INSANE week i will just sprinkle on a little eye candy :) because. we all know that i *can't* take an actual break from blogging... too much OCD in my blood. :)

oh... also.. emma just posted a bunch of cool stuff in our etsy shop yum.

Have a great day! Els

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