I was inspired by Danielle's recent post to share my newfound love for Flickr.

It is such a great community and there is SO much inspiration there! I *love* the fact that I can post photos, scrapbooking layouts and craft projects all in the *same gallery*! It has really inspired me lately to try to take my photography to the next level (just a personal goal). It is just a really cool site, you should definately check it out if you aren't familiar...

(You can see my flickr gallery by clicking on the little photo bar on the right side of my blog!)

So here is a little bit of eye candy... one thing I love about flickr is that you can save your favorite images and it makes a really pretty montage... here are my most recent favorites....

you can see the links for all these images here.

Well, I am in the studio all day today! Cross your fingers for lots of productivity! I REALLY want to do a ton of pages for my book today! Have a great day!

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