#2. defining moment....

bridget said...
Can you name one moment in your life that has defined you? How/Why?

Hmmm... so many.... One very special memory that comes to mind immediately was when I started making art journals with my friend, Rachel in 2003. Neither of us had any clue about scrapbooking at the time. But as fate would have it, art journals turned out to be the first step in our journey that ultimately led to scrapbooking! These pages are from the journal we were working on back in the day (we both worked on *all* of these pages... we were sending them back and forth in the mail all the time...). Some of these pages have been published in*Scrap City* and in *Faith Books & Spiritual Journaling*
This is something Rachel and i still hold very dear to our hearts. it was an amazing time in my life that i feel really defined where i wanted to go in the future. This was the year that we started our art group, Red Velvet Art, and i think we both agree that this is the year when we knew we wanted to be artists forever (for a hobby and a job). So many happy memories in my mind... thanks for the cool question, bridget... send me your address, ok?

G*night! E

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