i *heart* KI!

just in case you didn't know ;)... ki memories is an amazing company! I'm not just saying that because I get free stuff, lol, i am saying it because I have never worked with a more honest, ambitious and talented group of people in my life! They pretty much rock my world! :) Just wanted to share some goodies that came yesterday.... I am *dying* over the albums. They are even more gorgeous in real life than online. I love felt SO much. The colors are great too.

Last night I spent the evening organizing my albums! I FINALLY made up my mind about how I wanted to organize them (for the past almost 2 years I have just been piling them up or putting them in albums randomly... I was just SO busy that I didn't even worry about it... then all the sudden, I HAD to organize them!) I decided to organize them the way Stacy Julian shares in her book. Cool method b.c it can be customized... for example I have a TON of pages about scrapbooking classes and trips.. if I would have stayed with my chronological approach I feel like those pages would have seemed a little out of place in my family albums... see what I mean? So I am sooooooooo happy with the new system. I got ALL my pages into albums and it feels SO good! I will share photos of my albums and more details sometime soon.... I am SO excited to FINALLY not have piles of layouts everywhere.. I feel like I can actually enjoy them now... and SEE them... :)

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