fridays come so fast...

first... a photo of the most beautiful dog in the world.

2. a promise that i am gonna finish up my Q&A this weekend... i apologize for the delay, but what can i say... sometimes life gets in that way of blogging! :) lol!

also.... T and i have been looking at houses... mostly online and a few in person... we aren't finding anything that we both love in the district we want to be in... we are starting to consider building a house... honestly, that is something that i have always said i never want to do... i love decorating. love it.... but actually building a house scares me. i would love a little advice from some of you who have been through it... how much more time did it take on a day to day basis (during the building process) ? how long of a process was it for you? do you feel like you got a better house for the money (or one that better suits you... i guess)? do you have any regrets? basically, what i want to know is... is it REALLY worth it? it seems like such an involved task, but we are totally willing to go through it, if that is what we need to do..... thank you in advance for your advice and thoughts.... :)

Oh.. and one more thing.... TGIF!

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