#5. Writing My Book

anna-marie still said...
I'd love to hear more about the process of your book. What's it like to work on a book, (i.e deadlines, etc) and how does it come together working with other artists? Did you select the artists or did CK? Were they assigned specific challenges to work on? How many layouts didn't make it into the book? Start to finish, (getting the deal to publication) how long did the whole process take? I'd love to know more!


This is a fun little topic to talk about because it was a great experience and something I will never forget!

In August of 2005 I went to Utah to have a little lunch meeting with the CK editors. That was when they asked me to do a book. I was totally thrilled! Writing books has always been one of my *biggest* goals and this would be my first published book ever! This was also when I met my sweet friend, Ali, who was a huge help and inspiration to me because she had already been through the process... She is always full of wisdom. Love that girl. So I got started in August and I had to have 100 pages done by January and it came out in July of 2006. So, all in all, I spent about a year on the book. It was a very cool journey. The CK editors are super sweet and cool to work with! :)

Creating the layouts was the first part of the process. They advised me to just do what I was inspired to do and create for the first 50 or so pages.... It was a very happy time in my life that fall of '05 scrapping sometimes all day long! :) I remember worrying that I almost didn't have enough photos and ideas, but then more just kept coming and coming and it was SO fun to see how far I could stretch and challenge myself. That is when I really learned that in scrapbooking you can NEVER run out of ideas, topics and stories to tell! Life is so full and interesting. There are SO many things to explore and capture! I am not sure how many layouts got cut in the end.. I would guess somewhere around 20-30 out of close to 200... But honestly, I have no idea. I never counted.

The artists in my book were great to work with and a lot of fun! I am still SO inspired by certain layouts they created even though I have looked at them time and time again! :) I felt really lucky to work with such creative and talented women! I handpicked the artists for my book along with the editors (Rachel and Leslie). I wanted a big range of styles to be represented in the book. Originally, when I started on the book, I wanted to book to be about finding your own style. The challenge theme developed over time and I am so glad it did b.c I think it is a fun concept. I personally love challenges. I work better under a little bit of pressure (not crazy pressure, lol, just a little bit!) and a challenge or goal. I absolutely LOVE the idea of finding new ways to use products and using stuff you already have around the house. I only run to my LSS maybe once a month, I am not that into shopping anymore.. I prefer to just use what I have and go for it! Makes it more fun for me... a little bit of the whole d.i.y. vibe, i guess? :) Oh.. also... when I first started my book I could still fit all my scrapbooking supplies in a suitcase... that changed pretty quickly, but I do still love my little suitcase and the fact that I know it is totally possible to scrapbook on a budget. I think that is great. Good memories.

The first time I saw the book and flipped through it I was really giddy and excited.... ok, I was freaking out! ;) It was amazing and even more cool was seeing my family look through it and seeing how happy and thrilled they were to be a part of it.
I think the most meaningful thing that I learned throughout the book writing process was that no matter what I do in the scrapbooking world the most fulfilling part for me will always be just sitting on the floor and scrapbooking my family photos... nothing will ever beat that! I love it!

I love getting e-mail from people doing the challenges and seeing them on 2peas! That is SO much fun!

If you have never seen my book, here is a link! :) Have a great day! Elsie

ps.. just wanted to mention that I know more than one person asked this questions (and most of the questions) just choosing them at *random*! :)

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