#3. Inspiring Movies...

jana said...
Hi Elsie! Because of the Oscars tomorrow night, I'd love to hear what your TOP 5 MOVIES OF ALL-TIME are and do you feel these movies influence your art at all?

Fun question! :) There are TONS of movies that TJ and I love for one reason or another, but I am gonna share with you my faves for getting inspired! :)

1. Big Fish
This is my very favorite Tim Burton film. Some amazing, beautiful shots. My favorite actor, Ewan McGregor. And it is SO emotional. It is really reflective, which makes me reflect... lovelovelove this one! It is quirky, pretty and gives me a happy feeling!

2. Amelie
This is a french movie. This one has the most wickedly brilliant use of color I have ever seen in my life. Un*real! It is so inspiring!

3. Clueless
My favorite movie from Jr. High. I still watch it often (especially late at night when I am working in my studio). Super silly and surprisingly clever, this one always gets me inspired b.c of the *extreme* fashion styles! :)

4. The Science of Sleep
I totally adore anything that Michel Gondry has worked his magic on! He inspires me SO much! This movie makes me happy b.c there is so much texture and handmade goodness... total eye candy!

5. Down With Love
This movie stole my heart for sure. So much oldschool style, such amazing colors...oh, and my favorite actor, Ewan McGregor! :) If you haven't seen this one, it will totally put you in the mood to make art. It is so brilliant and unique.

Thank you Jana for your question! :) E-mail me with your address, ok?

Hope you all find a movie in this list that you haven't seen before! I am always up for cool movie suggestions too! :)

Have a great day! It's friday! If you live in my area I will see you tonight at the first friday artwalk downtown! :) Hugs! Elsie

ps. thank you to everyone who joined me for the chat this morning! :) That was f

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