#4. The Soundtrack of My Life

mark and kels said...
Since music seems to be one of your passions, what 10 songs would be on the soundtrack of your life?

Hi! :) Fun question. This will be the last question I answer on the music topic (since i have already done 2 out of 4, LOL!) I can't help it, I love to talk about music!! :)

I added links with clips of songs and/or videos... enjoy!

Cat Stevens/ Wild World
....this song reminds me of my dad b.c he played it a lot when i was a child. i love it. really really good memories here.
Love this line... "I'll always remember you like a child, girl"

Lovefool/ The Cardigans... my favorite song from Jr. High... I still love it. So fun and happy. and this video... OMG.. one of my favorites ever..

SixPence None The Richer/Kiss Me... My favorite song in High School. Emma and I saw them play at Cornerstone in 1999 (i think) It was such an amazing outdoor show. We were dancing with no shoes... this one is such a classic in my book... :)video here.

Joy Electric/A girl from Rosewood Lane (the Unelectric version)...This is the only song I couldn't find a clip for... this is the song I walked down the aisle to on our wedding day (just on piano). It was amazing.

Ben Folds/ The Luckiest
... I actually had never bought any Ben Fold's music until I was shooting a wedding about a year ago.. they played this song and I was totally trying not to cry. It is so simple, sweet and true. This song inspires me. I want our life to look like this. So much love.

Iron&Wine/ Such Great Heights
...Love this song. So true. Reminds me of love, TJ and our life together. Plus I love his style... so raw and honest.

U2/Original of the Species
... My favorite U2 song. It makes me feel more brave and full of hope. :)

"If you want it, you can have it
But you've got to learn to reach out there and grab it"
So true.. love it!

That Time/Regina Spektor... T.J. says this song is just like me. I do tend to start sentances with "hey, remember that time..." and the randomness... I can relate to that for sure! ha!

No Doubt/Running....this one makes me think about the future... really inspiring and cool.great video too... all the memories.

wish i could put more...that was NOT EASY! :)

This would make a rad scrapbook! I am totally inspired! Thank you *mark and kels* for your question! :) e-mail me.

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