the studio is full of love today! :)

this week rocks! i feel super duper productive. i want to stay up all night and create. IT ROCKS. that is my favorite feeling on the planet! :) Today is rainy, mellow and smelling yummy like coffee candles. i am happy!

i promise i will finish my Q&A this week... i was saving some of the harder questions (ie. takes more time to post about... lol!). I am going to go ahead and ship the goodie boxes to the first 6 people tomorrow...and the rest next week! :)

Congratulations to everyone who won the CK Hall of Fame contest! I can't wait to see who entered! :) I have been a bit out of the loop this year as far as keeping up with 2peas and stuff.... but this is always an exciting time of year! Congrats to you, if you are a winner or HM! :)

By the way, these frames are jinky's ( love her actions! I am not a user of actions (although I might try them someday...) but hers are delicious!

T.J. is home this week for Spring Break! :) Good to have him around... we work well together... he works on his screenplay (he has a screenplay writing class that is the current center of his universe) and i make stuff.. it's fun!

Have a good night! Els

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